GRAINZYME Phytase corn in hopper bottom truck, getting ready to deliver to poultry operations in North Carolina

Agrivida Achieves Exceptional Results With GRAINZYME® Phytase in Over 50M Chickens

Success in commercial broiler operations exceeds customer expectations

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 14, 2019 – Agrivida, a privately held biotechnology company, today announces outstanding results from its innovative corn-based GRAINZYME® Phytase feed additive, used at the recommended dose of 4 pounds per ton of feed in commercial poultry operations.  Consistent with earlier studies, the performance results from over 50 million broiler chickens demonstrated that the proprietary, patented enzyme improved nutrition, feed conversion, and animal performance.  Compared to traditional phytase products, GRAINZYME Phytase resulted in a very favorable return on investment for poultry producers.

Commercial results in poultry validate GRAINZYME technology

Improved metrics from commercial broiler operations were noted in multiple areas, including the weight-adjusted feed conversion ratio (a-FCR) of 5 to 7 points, and overall body-weight gains from 3 to 4 percent, as well as higher processing yields.

“The performance data in commercial poultry operations were exceptional,” says Michael Lanahan, Ph.D., chief commercial officer at Agrivida and one of the scientists involved in its development.  “The results were so positive that customers who have used our GRAINZYME Phytase now plan to place their entire operations on it.

“The outstanding results we’re seeing may be due to the fact that the phytase enzyme is imbedded in GRAINZYME corn,” he adds. “We believe the unique corn delivery platform may act as a slow-release system, allowing the phytase to be released more slowly in the gastrointestinal tract, providing a greater benefit from the enzyme than is possible with alternatively formulated phytases.”

GRAINZYME technology offers benefits beyond performance

In addition to performance data, Lanahan notes that commercial operations appreciate that the new GRAINZYME technology is simple to use.  Ground GRAINZYME corn, containing the highly concentrated phytase, is delivered in bulk to feed mills, thereby eliminating direct handling by mill employees.  Because it’s highly concentrated, only 4 pounds per ton of GRAINZYME corn is added to the mix to supply “super dosed” levels of phytase.  Since the phytase is imbedded in corn, nutrient credits—including protein and calories—are provided by GRAINZYME Phytase, thus saving “nutrient space” in the ration.  The corn matrix also provides protection for the enzyme, allowing GRAINZYME Phytase to maintain product efficacy and high enzyme activity (thermal stability) even after exposure to the steam and high temperatures used in the feed pelleting process.

From “super dosing” to optimum dosing

“We are definitely seeing significant benefits of using higher doses of phytase in commercial broiler operations,” says Lanahan.  “As a scientist, I want to determine the optimum dose of phytase in order to maximize performance and profitability outcomes for producers.  Now, thanks to GRAINZYME technology, we finally have the opportunity to do so.”

About Agrivida

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