GRAINZYME® Technology.

GRAINZYME technology is pioneering because it takes the enzymes that are normally produced outside the food value chain and grows them inside each kernel of corn. No fermentation. No extra effort. In fact, GRAINZYME-powered enzymes go directly from the corn grower to the feed mill and are “swapped out” for corn at a rate of just a few pounds per ton of finished feed, depending on requirements. It’s truly a fundamental shift in how livestock get the dietary enzymes they need.


GRAINZYME Phytase, NSP, and other GRAINZYME-powered crops are grown using identity preservation methods. So every step of where and how they were grown, harvested, and packaged is tracked and documented.

Improved dietary performance, health, and sustainability are all possible when utilizing GRAINZYME technology—naturally. And GRAINZYME Phytase is just the first of many products in our pipeline.